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How many devices can I use to watch Jyrah Web Tv at a time? You can use as many devices as you like. There are no restrictions on the amout of devices you can use to stream content on Jyah Web TV What is JYRAH WEB TV? A CHRISTIAN OTT & IPTV NETWORK. Enjoy some exclusive content from around the world that is faith based and free of obscene language and visuals that you and your family can be inspired by along with being entertained. Everything you can imagine from Sports Live Church Broadcasts to Live Talk Shows, Original Content, Indie Films, Web Series, News and Sports I seem to not be able to login Try another web browser to see if you have the same issue. All browsers are supported How to access JYRAH WEB TV on Roku and Amazon Devices For a monthly fee of $5.99 or a yearly fee of $70.99 you can download the app from Roku and Amazon Devices