The darkness of Calvin's (Bill Johnson) heart towards the dynamics of his parents church through his youthful years now drives his growing resentment towards the new leadership of the church that is now lead by the woman Pastor Woodley (Ta-Tanishia), who gained her position from the former Pastor who was her Father. Ta-Tanishia as Pastor Woodley Bill Johnson as Calvin Written by Jermaine Smith Directed by Jermaine Smith Cinematographer Tyquane Bates Cinematographer Jermaine Smith Script Supervisor Tristan G. Henson-Smith Produced by Edmund Dorsey for Jyrah Productions Inc. Produced by Tyquane Bates for PhotosByKai Inc. Produced by Jermaine Smith for Everyday The Brand Inc.


A Jyrah Web TV Original

Jyrah Productions produced short series based on the relationships of three working class African-American women in Post Covid New York City.
Starring Dyesha Hicks (Missy) & Kevin Bencosme (Giovanni)
Written & Directed by Jermaine Smith
Co-Directed by Neefah Fontus
Cinematography by Jermaine Smith
Edited by Edmund Dorsey
Music by Annyett Royale
Produced by Jyrah Productions
A fictional account of the events and the people that surrounded Martin Luther King Jr. from early 1963 until his untimely demise in the Spring of 1968.                                    



One woman's secretive battle with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) takes her from suffering in silence to questioning everyone and everything of importance in her life after experiencing a stillborn delivery.

DIRECTED BY Jermaine Smith WRITTEN BY Jermaine Smith EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Jermaine Smith CO-PRODUCED BY Tyquane Bates Neefah Fontus ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Jeannie Ferguson EDITED BY Edmund Dorsey

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