Written & Directed By :Trevolia Marie Booker Pershay Once upon a time there was a womanizer by the name of Senator Joshua Brown who felt he was God's gift to women. Senator Brown greatest supporters were women and he made sure that he supported them by any means necessary. One day Senator Joshua Brown met his fate by hurting the wrong woman and she took his life. Now God was watching Senator Joshua Brown's lifetime behavior. While on his way to hell God granted Senator Brown a second chance. A second chance to come back to earth to make things right with the people that were hurt by him. However, there was one catch in this journey, he had to ask for forgiveness to those he's wounded. Senator Joshua Brown was offered two pills blue for heaven and red for hell. Of course, he chose heaven because he felt he was too handsome for hell. On this journey Senator Joshua Brown connects with his own demons and faces his own secrets that carried to his grave.

Take a journey with Senator Joshua Brown as he gets a second chance to come back to the hood as a ghost. Mr. Brown discovers that during his journey he comes face to face with the people he had hurt while alive. Mr. Brown lived a life as a womanizer and now has to face a lot of secrets that he took to his grave. Come take this journey with us and understand what forgiveness is really all about. Can you forgive and let go of your past pain? You might learn a thing a two on this journey.

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