Video Editing



We have professional video editors ready to work on your project

Starting as low as $199.00. Get professional Video Editing services for your next big project. You will receive:

  1. Video edit
  2. Audio edit
  3. Color correction (Depends on each project)
  4. Delivered in Hi Def or 4K quality.

Prices are subject to change per project.



You can feel confident in a company that is top notch, with years of experience. Here at Jyrah Productions Inc, you will find 4K VIDEO RECORDING EDITING and AUDIO PRODUCTION RECORDING, everything you need to start and finish a top notch project. With the latest software applications such as Protools, Logic Pro X, Digital Performer, Avid, Final Cut Pro, etc… You will not be limited in your creativity or time. Songs or Videos created at other studios can be transferred here and finished here. With the latest technology used, you will get the highest quality in recordings. Your video recording can now have a professional look and sound that meets professional standards. Track enhancements, voiceovers, and even live bands can record here at Jyrah Productions Inc.
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