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In the compelling memoir Angry Tears, Earlina Gilford-Weaver tells the story of how she survived childhood sexual abuse and was later saved by God. Earlina was nine years old when she was first sexually abused by uncles who were entrusted to care for her, but instead, robbed her of her innocence. Raised by an emotionally-distant mother and an overwhelmed grandmother, Earlina's journey through childhood became agonizing. She relays how she dealt with her internal pain of neglect and abandonment by stealing, lying, and tunning away - eventually becoming a ward of the state. After she was moved to group homes from foster care where she would stay with over twenty three different families, Earlina was once again sexually molested, raped, mentally and physical abuse by the males who surrounded her. All the while, Earlina would continually ask herself the same question: Why isn't God wiping my tears away? It would not be until much later when Earlina walked into a church on her birthday that she would realize God had been with her all along.

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